Russell Image Processing provides a broad range of photographic and digital services.

Film Processing Services
Black and White Roll Film
Hand Processing begins at 8:30a.m.

Standard: 24  Hours
Critical: 4  Hours - 100% Additional
135 Process Only $7.00
135-36 W/ Contact Sheet 14.00
135-24 W/ Contact Sheet 14.00
135 Infrared 7.00
120 Process Only 7.00
120 W/ Contact Sheet 14.00
120 Infrared 7.00
220 Process Only 14.00
220 W/ Contact Sheet 28.00
Tech Pan Film 10.00

Black & White Sheet Film
Standard: 24  Hours
Critical: 6  Hours - 100% Additional
Push/Pull - per roll $3.00
Pust/Pull - per sheet 1.00
4x5 2.00
5x7 5.00
8x10 8.00

Special Processing Requests
Standard: 24  Hours
Critical: 6  Hours - 100% Additional
Rodinal $7.50
D76 1:1 7.50
Pyro 15.00
Film Cleaning 5.00
Clip Test: lead or tail clip per roll 3.00
Downloading film holders .50

Contact Sheets
Standard: 24  Hours
Critical: 4  Hours - 100% Additional
Contact Sheets Only $7.00
Multiple Contact Sheets 5.00
Enlarged Contacts RC 20.00

Standard: 3  Days
Archival Fiber Base Contacts $14.00

Copy Services
Standard: 24  Hours
Critical:    Call
4x5 B&W Copy Negative $10.00
(Copy from flat art original, max 16x20")

Internegative Services
Standard: 24  Hours
Critical:    Call
4x5 B&W Internegative $10.00
4x5 Additionals over 10 7.00
(From Roll or Sheet Film)

We provide Atlantas finest film processing. All our black and white film is hand processed - assuring you clean, scratch-free negatives. We have established specific developing times and temperatures for each film and chemical combination to yeild optimum results. Our primary film developers are D-76™, T-Max™, and Rodinol™. Our film processing sequence is archival using PermaWash© and multiple wash steps. All film is sleeved in Clear File Archival Pages©.

We push and pull process film - just add 50% per stop. Our normal service time to process and produce a contact sheet is just one day. We separate films by major manufacturer during film processing and then process each specific type in appropriate chemistry for optimum results.

Black & White Fiber Prints

Elite Custom Prints
Standard: 72  Hours
Rush: 48  Hours - 50% Additional
Critical: <24  Hours - 100% Additional
  1st 2-10
5x7 $30.00 $14.00
8x10 45.00 20.00
11x14 55.00 28.00
16x20 80.00 38.00
20x24 105.00  
Our Elite Custom Prints require the highest degree of craftsmanship on each print. Large projects such as photographic portfolios and gallery exhibits require more time to produce. Schedule enough time to properly address each project's needs. There are various types of photographic papers available, and we will work with you to achieve the desired results. Elite Custom prints are delivered with a density spread. When doing Hand Coloring, please choose Elite Custom Service.

Classic Fiber Prints
Standard: 72  Hours
Rush: 48  Hours - 50% Additional
Critical: 24  Hours - 100% Additional
Hot: <24  Hours - 200% Additional
  1st 2-10
5x7 $24.00 $12.00
8x10 32.00 16.00
11x14 40.00 20.00
16x20 70.00 35.00
20x24 85.00 40.00
Our Classic Fiber Prints are printed on standard glossy multigrade fiber paper dried to a semi-matte finish. Classic Fiber prints are printed to the client's exact specifications, based upon the information supplied. Due to the subjective nature of B&W printing, client supplied samples, poloroids, and any other requests must be made at the time of order. Classic Fiber Prints are archivally processed. Classic Fiber Prints are delivered with a density spread.

All prints are cropped, dodged, burned and spotted.

Creative Interactive Printing

Our creative printers have the talent and desire to satisfy the most discerning of photographers. We are pleased to print intuitively; work with supplied information; or be interactive with the client in attendance.

Charges are by quotation, based on the fiber print prices plus charges for additional time and supplies required by the client. Base charges of $100.00 per hour are by 60 minute increments minimum of print time to final wash.

Black & White RC Prints
Standard: 48  Hours
Rush: 24  Hours - 100% Additional
Critical: <24  Hours - 200% Additional
  1st 2-10 11-20 21-50 51-100 101-500
5x7 $9.00 $5.50 $4.50 $3.50 $2.75 $2.00
8x10 14.00 7.00 6.00 5.00 3.50 3.00
11x14 25.00 15.00 7.00 6.00 Call  
16x20 40.00 20.00 14.00 Call    
20x24 55.00 27.00 Call      
The cost of printing multiple prints from the same nagatives is listed above. 1st print price is discounted after the first 11prints from the same negative.

Digital Imaging Services

Scanning Services
Standard: 24  Hours
Rush: 6  Hours - 100% Additional
Critical: 3  Hours - 200% Additional

Standard Scans - to 15 mb file size

From 35mm film or slide $3.00
Please Note: Standard Scans are automated scans. Film/artwork is blown off and scanned using fixed parameter software. We cannot guarantee clean Standard Scans. For higher quality scans, see our Plus Scans below. Storage of files on the customer's supplied media is free. File format changes (for example, to change files to PDF or EPS format) are extra. Storage on our CD-R is $10 per CD. Addition of new files to our Russell Image Digital Library is available for a one time fee of $10.

Plus Scans - to 30 mb file size
Film up to 8X10" $15.00
Flat Art up to 8.5X11" 15.00
Screened Flat Art up to 8.5X11" 22.00
Plus Scans are performed individually, hands on, with efforts made to adjust color balance, contrast, and hue/saturation during the scanning process. File size is determined by the customer's unique requirements, based on the resolution, output size/method, and planned use. Each file is then reviewed for quality in Adobe Photoshop™ and any further correction performed at that point if needed. Plus Scans of undamaged artwork are spotted for light dust. Artwork with extensive scratches and dust may be assessed a fee for clean-up. Retouching and graphic design services are available for $75/hour, billed in 1/4 hour segments per quote.

Pro Scans - resolution up to 4000dpi
From filem 35mm up to 6 X 9 cm $.50/mb
($15.00 min)

Fine Art Digital Prints
Standard: 48  Hours
Rush: 24  Hours - 100% Additional
Critical: <24  Hours - 200% Additional

Standar Papers (Glossy or Matte)
8 X 10 (minimum order) $20.00
11 X 14 30.00
16 X 20 60.00
20 X 24 80.00
Larger sizes and multiples are $20 per square foot plus 10% allowance for borders and waste.

Fine Art Papers (Somerset & Canvas)
8 X 10 (minimum order) $28.00
11 X 14 38.00
16 X 20 76.00
20 X 24 102.00
Larger sizes and multiples are $28 per square foot plus 10% allowance for borders and waste.

Laser Copies and Printing
  8.5x11 11x17 12x18
Std. Weight Paper $1.00 $2.00 $3.00
2-25 additionals .90 1.75 2.25
26-50 additionals .82 1.50 2.00
51- 100 .79 1.25 1.75
101 and higher - per quote Call    
Card Stock Paper $1.75 $2.75 $3.25
2-25 additionals 1.60 2.50 3.00
26-50 additionals 1.40 2.25 2.50
51 - 100 1.15 2.00 2.25
101 and higher - per quote Call    

Color Copy Proofs: We will provide proof copies for laser orders at $1 each.

Copies from 35mm slides or film: $5 per frame + copies.

Copies from Disc, Scan, or File: Add $2 for each image download for copies. (Note: These prices do not include scans, retouching, or any other digital services.) Files should be saved as Photoshop compatible files. Quark, Word or other application files may cost extra - please inquire.

About our Laser Copies: Our copies are produced on a quality Canon 1120. We take pains to produce good color copies, but the buyer should be aware that color lasers are neither archival (long lived) nor true photographs. If the quality of an archival print is needed, please consider our traditional black & while silver gelatin prints or our new Epson 9600 ink jet prints produced with long-live inks on art papers.

Custom Picture Frames
Standard Turnaround Time: 10 Business Days

We specialize in offering only the finest quality moulings, frame services, and materials; sell only acid-free mats; and utilize all acid-free mounting materials. Out high quality glazing materials (glass or acrylic sheeting) block more art-damaging UV light than standard glass. We do not sell pre-made or plastic frames, nor inexspensive frame mouldings with inferior finishes. When comparing prices and workmanship, keep these facts in mind. Ask about materials used: Are the archival? Is the frame made of particle board, plastic, or recycled shipping crates? Is the glass resistant to UV rays? Is the mounting material and technique designed to protect the artwork?

We cannot list the countless combinations of frame, mat, and method which can be created from the over 600 frame mouldings and 200 mat color choices available to customers. Please drop by and allow us to quote your job — you'll be pleased with our attention to your needs.

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